Sunday, August 22, 2010

so busy yet so unproductive

Hey all. Today (every day) I have a ton of knitting to do. But today, unlike other days, I have not worked one stitch. I did some stuff. I made up a chart for one of the cables on the Play With Fire sock I'm doing. But I still haven't done up the chart for the central cable. I need to do that, test it, and then figure out what the heck I'm doing with the whole rest of the thing.

On top of that I still need to finish the bobble feather and fan scarf for Shannon's collection that I started last week. Two weeks ago? Yikes. I haven't touched it in days.

Thursday was my last day at Fine Points. I bought QUITE a lot of yarn to get the most out of my 30% discount.

I got....

1. Noro Silk Garden in this great jade/yellow/blue colorway (bottom middle, under the purple skein and blue ball)
2. Misti Alpaca Pima Cotton and Silk Handpaint in this gorgeous multi (it's the pinkish one touching the little blue one)
3. Muench Family in cream and blue (the cream and blue ones) for baby stuff!!
4. Artful Yarns Dance in pink/purple (it is tucked under the red Malabrigo in the middle), also for baby stuff
5. Malabrigo Sock Yarn (the brown multi- YUM)
5. Malabrigo Lace (the little poison green one poking out on the right)
6. Seven skeins of Noro Iro (all of the big, bulky, multi skeins)

The other stuff is stuff I already have in my stash. The whole thing is my BEAUTIFUL GOURMET STASH!! I also have another, crappier, mostly acrylic stash that I am too humiliated to post on Ravelry, ha. But I probably will one day when I get bored enough.

A closeup of the Noro Iro:

That's going to become a coat. I don't know if it is going to be enough, but if it isn't, it shouldn't be hard to find more because I don't need any specific colorway. As you can see I kind of grabbed seven completely random ones. It is going to be psychedelic.

I'm so sleepy today that I haven't gotten any knitting done even though I really need to.

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