Sunday, August 29, 2010

My Dyeing Day

For the last day of our internship, we headed over to Shannon's and dyed up yarn, sock blanks, and felt scarves and it was UBER fun!! Anything involving mixing bright colors and pretty yarn equals awesome in my book.

Here is the stuff I made!!

The first three are Louet Gems Fingering Weight (sock weight).

This I made with pinks and reds and oranges and I love love love.

Shannon dyed this one with greens and jades to show us how it's done, and she gave it to me. And I love it.

I intended for this one to be more purpley but it turned out pale purple/blue. However, when you look at all the different shades it is actually really pretty.

And then we dyed a whole bunch of sock blanks. I think I talked about what sock blanks are but refresher course: Peice of undyed knitting which can then be dyed to your liking and unwound as it is knit into a very cool sock!

We dyed ten sock blanks. Shannon is writing a book for Knit Picks (maker of sock blanks) on how sock blanks work, and we are going to knit up the socks for her to photograph. So we get to keep the socks afterward. We each are making five pairs. The only thing is we have to make all the socks unmatched. One of the socks is supposed to be in plain stockinette and the other with some kind of pattern. So the colors will match but not the actual patterns. Which is a little funky.

This one is my faaavorite.

We also dyed some felt scarves:

I love the tye-dyed effect. I may give them as gifts.

Dyeing was SO fun. I love making my own colorways. I would LOOOVE to work with a dyeing company at some point!!!

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