Monday, August 30, 2010


That was a waste of two hours. I wanted to start one of my sock blank socks-- the rainbow sock blank, with the Twists and Turns pattern from Shannon's Book "How to Knit in the Woods." I was determined to figure out knitting two socks at a time on two circulars. And that was painful. Seriously, I spent about an hour just moving cast-on stitches from one needle to another. Trying to figure out how it was supposed to work. Failing. It was very frustrating. Finally, eventually, I got everything in semi-order and knitted a whole three rows... until I realized I was working from the wrong end of the blank. I wanted to start at red and work my way down through the rainbow. Instead I started at the end. ARRG! So I ripped out the entire thing and am now sitting here annoyed. Yet I am still motivated to make the socks! So I'll try again.

Other news. Finished all the moving pieces for my laptop bag. Now all that's left is felting. I don't have a zippered pillowcase, so I have to wait till I get home to see if my mom or Nana has one I can use. And then I'll get my felting on. I'm excited! Over Shabbat a friend showed me two great bags that she had knit and felted and I was inspired to finish mine. But I don't want to keep running up and down two flights of stairs to the washer in the basement here, so I'm going to wait and maybe do it later this week. Here are all the parts:

So there's the bag, two pockets, two long shoulder straps and two attaching tabs to go on the D-rings.

And, I finished the first of the pair of socks that I am designing for the Ravelry KAL.

There's a long entwining cable down the front, and two side squiggly cables, and a diamond flame motif on the back, and zig-zags between the front and back panels that travel from the leg to the toe. It's simple, but cool-looking, I think. I haven't started the second one yet.

Now I am like, all out of projects! So I need to start something. Thus the Rainbow Sock debacle. I'm not ready to start the coat or hat, and I don't feel like finishing the gloves. I could work on the scarf, but... I'll procrastinating. Need NEW!! Yay! I have SsosoOOOOoo much cool yarn to do stuff with this year. It's so exciting!!!

OK. Am going to start the rainbow sock AGAIN.

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