Wednesday, August 4, 2010


Last week I happened to be in the studio when Shannon got a package of a few copies of Mochimochi Knitting, which is a book filled with info and patterns for knitting little toys. They're adorable. Yesterday we had an unexpected day off, so I decided to try something out. I am making the FEET EATERS, which are slippers that have a puffy face with teeth and ears and eyes. Hard to explain and you won't know what I'm talking about until I post the picture, which I haven't uploaded, but here is a progress picture:

So the pink part is clearly the sole, and the yellow is the food. The "face" part wasn't knit at the time of this picture. The slipper is almost done now-- I stayed up till two knitting feverishly. All that's left is sewing on the eyes and weaving in ends. The slipper is made up of six parts:
--two teeth
--two ears.
The teeth and ears are teeny. I tried using dpns, but it wasn't working-- the laddering was awful. So I switched to two circs, which is now my favorite method of working ANYTHING circularly. I never want to use dpns again.

I had to re-do the sole, because I started in size medium and it was huge, because my yarn is really bulky. The pattern calls for worsted, and the yarn I used IS worsted, technically, but it's very thick, leaning towards bulky, so it comes out quite large in knitting, especially when you hold two strands together as was instructed for the sole.

Sewing the head onto the slipper is the most annoying part. The pattern keeps talking about "mattress stitch", but I fail to see how it applies when you are sewing a circular object to a flat one. So I improvised and the sewing came out a little funky, but what do you expect from me, perfection?! We've established long ago that I am no perfectionist. I definitely belong to the "quick and dirty" school of knitting.

I should be able to finish the slippers today. Very quick project. I'm using my awful Red Heart yarn, and it's perfect for this-- washable, acrylic, impervious, very hardy. I'm thinking if they come out cute enough, I will make them as presents for Hanukkah. I think people would like them.

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