Monday, August 9, 2010

Happy Productive Weekend


So yesterday I knit up the cozy and it's almost finished. The only things left to do are finish the ribbing on the neck, sew up seams, weave in ends, and maybe re-bind off the "shoulder" stitches because they are done in a contrast color and it doesn't look nice.

I really am not a huge fan of this pattern. The Fair Isle is nice, but the yarn is too bulky-- one of the colors was thicker than the other and that made it bumpy and not smooth and solid. And there were just SO many issues with the writing and the chart. I made a ton of notes for the publisher, or whoever, because no one will want to knit the pattern as is-- it's way too confusing. I had to confer with Sarah Jo and Shannon a few times before I could really proceed. Once I got going it was okay though, and pretty fast. I did almost finish it yesterday. But I'm not happy with the bind-off because of the color issue, which is annoying because the last round worked before the bindoff is Yarn A and then they want you to bind off with Yarn B, which just seems like a mistake because it's a three-needle-bindoff where the bound off stitches end up on the inside, wrong side of the work, so it looks like the two sides are seamed with the contrast yarn.

I already had to modify another aspect of the design. I mentioned that one of my issues with it was the ugly increases. Well, even when I re-started the increases still looked awful so I undid it and re-knit it, instead putting solid color blocks in at the sides so the increases would be contained in them and less obvious. I think it looks a lot better. I included the edit on my notes. It required some thinking. This project was a lot more stressful than it could have been with better instructions. I'd like to re-write the pattern entirely, honestly. It definitely needs heavy editing before it can appear in a magazine.

At any rate though, despite there being about fifty billion ends to weave in, I am almost done. So-- have to figure out how to un-bind-off and re-bind-off, finish the neck, seams and ends. And then, DONE. It needs to be finished by Friday, so it shouldn't be a problem at all.

And, I finished knitting all the components of my other Feet Eater last night-- so all I have to do is stuff them with PolyFill and sew em together and I have a pair! Hooray!

So now-- my priorities are:

1. Finish Karira Sock

2. Laptop Bag

Everything else will come later- a lot of it is cold-weather stuff (gloves, hat, coat) so I can wait a bit. Of those three I'll probably start the gloves first because they are a complicated project. I'm excited though because the Claudia silk is SO RIDICULOUSLY soft and the color is so pretty that the gloves will be GORGEOUS.

So just have to buy wool for the Laptop Bag, and also the Noro.

Anyway, making lots of knitting progress, finishing lots of things, doing well!

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