Saturday, August 14, 2010

Right Glove

Finished the first glove in the pair! It was a very quick knit, and very easy, too. I probably could have even done it in the round, if I had size 1 dpns free. But those are still involved with my second Karira. Anyway, it fits perfectly and it is sooo soft and pretty. I have to say that I like the way stockinette shows off the colors and shimmer of the yarn much better than reverse stockinette, which is what the glove is knit it, so that's kind of annoying, but it's still very pretty. And I'm not the "reknitting" type. So now I just have to sew in ends and knit the other. Here's pics:
Not the greatest picture but I chose this one cause you can see the cables and rev st. st. pretty well, and the colorway. It's really soft and comfy. I'm excited for it to get cold enough for me to wear it!

Here's one of the pictures I took in progress. Every time I finished a finger I'd try it on. It's a really fun knit. I think it would be easy to convert the pattern to be worked in the round, which would be nice because there wouldn't be any seaming. Maybe my next pair. I just cast on for the second glove.

Haven't yet started my laptop bag, have to borrow some needles. Right now I'm working on the scarf for Shannon's collection. Which is fun, it has a scalloped edge that I like. Feather and lace. The yarn is really beautiful and fun to knit with and the colors are great, though unconventional. And I've put my socks away for the weekend.

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