Monday, August 9, 2010


Just had to let you all know that I have finished my Feet Eaters, a little behind schedule but whatevs. Here they are:Awwww.

The second slipper (right foot) came out kinda funky because I wasn't really paying attention to the sewing. I was trying to seam and read at the same time, which isn't a great idea. Knitting and reading is fairly doable, if the pattern is simple enough, but intricate tasks like seaming many small parts together = not something you can doubletask. I sewed the head closed like three times before it looked half-way decent. The first time I sewed it folded the wrong way so the increase and decrease side seam was right in the center of the face. Smart. The second time, one side of the face was round and the other was pinched and flat. Then the teeth had their own saga, first too far, now too close, blah blah... But whatever, it's all done now, seams sewn, ends woven in (what I love about this project is you don't have to weave in the ends; you can just pull them with the tapestry needle into the big puffy part and lose the ends in the polyfill! Awesome!), eyes stitched on. (The eyes also look a little weird.) So they aren't perfect. But they are eye-catching and adorable. They would make GREAT gifts, if I actually had the patience to sit down and make a whole pile of them. All those small parts, and then all that seaming, bleh. But still, I love the idea of making them as Hanukkah presents. So easy, and sweet.

Anyway, I have finished like a whole chunk of knitting in the last few days! One of the Karira socks, the cozy, and the slippers. Phew! I would put a picture of the cozy but I don't think I should because it's going to be published, so it wouldn't be right to put a photo out there before the magazine comes out. I mean, what is a hot water bottle cozy anyway, right?? Who uses hot water bottles anymore? The British, that's who.

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