Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Big News

It's been a month since I last posted-- whoops! A lot of stuff is going on. For one: I'm selling my stuff in a store! It's not all set in stone yet, but a guy in this store expressed interest in my entrelac backpack when I went in a few weeks ago, so I went home and made a few more. They're pretty sweet:

It took me a while to work it all out. The original backpack was worked completely off the cuff, pretty unplanned, and everything was knit: the straps were knit (and took a long time to make), the drawstring was an I-Cord. It had some flaws, like the drawstring never stayed closed, so I sewed on a parachute buckle. Definitely a needed addition, but that didn't help the opening stay closed. After the guy asked me about the backpacks and I decided to make a few more, I wanted to make sure they looked really professional. I knit different straps, with thicker wool and yarn so it would go faster, and did the same I-cord drawstring and lining, but I didn't like the way the straps looked and I thought about making nylon straps from the fabric store. So I went to Jo-Anns and discovered so much great stuff for the bag: nylon strapping, strap adjustors, drawstring locks to thread the string through, nylon cord for the drawstring-- all kinds of neat stuff. Went home and sewed feverishly for a few hours. I had to rip out the black straps, which I'd already sewed in, so that was a hassle, but once I sewed in the new nylon straps I could see how much better it would look. The first set were a little short, doable, but I adjusted my measurements for the future bags. It looked great. I threaded the new drawstring, it was really hard getting the nylon straps through the lock, but once it was in it looked great. And I sewed on the buckle. I sewed pockets into the fabric linings, sewed in the linings. I thought they looked great. I made two more.

Brought em to the store today. I am NOT a businesswoman. It was stressful. Went okay I thought. I left him some of my things, two bags, two pillows (sun and name), and another bag I made which took less effort. We agreed on tentative prices for everything-- I mean the pillows and smaller bags, those were easy, but it took a while for the backpacks because I wanted $35 and he was pushing for $30 or less because he'd have to charge double and he didn't think they would sell for $70. I didn't want to give in because I did spend a LOT of money and time on these bags and I feel like I could get at least $50 if I sold them on the web or something like that. I have gotten a LOT of comments when I walk around with the backpack-- people come up to me and tell me how cool it is. I know it would sell for a lot, and I worked really hard, so I feel like I should really not accept less than $35. Even that is really not too great, it doesn't offer much reward for all the effort I put in.

He was definitely impressed with the work though. Anyway, he's going to try to sell them and figure out what he can charge for the backpack and I'm going back in a few days to check back in/get the money for the stuff I made.

We'll see how it works out. At any rate, it's a start. Pretty exciting I think.