Tuesday, August 10, 2010

new project gooey goodness

Since I finished the cozy and slippers, I needed a new project already. I've got my second Karira sock started, but just one knitting project at a time?! When there's so much to be done?!? Please. If I had bought yarn for the laptop bag I would have started that, but as I did not, I couldn't, so I moved on to the silk gloves, which I've been thinking about for a while. Looks like they are going to be a really quick, pleasant knit!!

I started them and about an hour later, had this:

That's the right glove, the ribbed cuff and the first repeat of the cable pattern that travels up the fingers. The right half of the work is the back of the hand, and the reverse stockinette half is the palm. The thumb gusset is between them. The pattern is REALLY not half as complicated as I thought and I think it'll be a really quick knit! I'm holding the yarn double for extra thickness and warmth. It'll be annoying to have a beautiful pair of gloves and have to wait till it gets cold to wear them!!

Need to start the laptop bag already! Must buy yarn! A very sweet woman at the yarn store where we "volunteer" one day a week, Fine Points, was so grateful to Sarah Jo and I for our knitting help that she gave us gift cards to the store. So, so nice!! So now I've got some extra money to spend on yarn! Hooray!

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