Thursday, September 30, 2010

Behbehs continued

I ended up disliking Leah's hat enough to make a new one. And I decided to make it match Saul's:
I used only Red Heart Soft Yarn, so it isn't as buttery soft as Saulie's hat. But it's super cute.

And then I figured... well, if I'm going to make matching hats for two of the Bailey kids... why not go all the way and make a third for the incoming baby (due at the end of December)?

 So I did!

I used "neutral" colors, as neutral as I could find in my Soft Yarn stash, anyway. 
So now we have a whole set of neat little matching hats in kid, toddler, and infant sizes!!
Bear in mind, of course, that the sizes are kind of arbitrary, since I have no available kids, toddlers, or babies to fit them on.

Now I just have to knit a little sweater (in Muench again, super super soft) for the baby, and then I will send them to Israel. I have some family visiting there in November, so I may try to send it with them instead of actually mailing it, because that would be mad expensive. But I can't wait to see a picture of the adorable little kiddies in the hats!!! Knitting for kids is so fun. The projects are adorable, and they are quick knits. Too bad I don't have more kids in my life.

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