Thursday, September 23, 2010

Abort! Abort!!

I was doing a MUCH needed organization and purge of my yarn stash today, and I stumbled onto a few aborted projects from I don't know when. It was disturbing, to say the least. I recovered quite a number of needles and notions when I ripped them out...

I think this is the oldest. It's a pair of gloves that I started making for Sabrina's . . . 23rd . . .? birthday? Two years ago?
It was my first glove and it was a horrible FAIL. I ripped out the second glove and freed the needles for a more useful future purpose. I'm not even going to talk about it... it wasn't good.

I believe I started this little project the end of my senior year, a year or so ago. It was going to be a geometrical skirt made of panels knit in different leftover sock yarn. I only got most of one panel in before I lost interest, I guess. I ripped it out today. Maybe it can be repurposed for a sock or something. Or a few pairs of kids' socks.

This one's kind of embarrassing. Last summer I drew a sketch of a very pretty knit dress. It had a lined, lace skirt in some lightweight yarn, a waistband and a cute little top. I had some vague plans to make it. But I needed skinny yarn, right? So I went to Michael's and bought... crochet thread. Yeek. I held a strand of off-white thread, and sparkly white thread, together, and knit it in lace to get this horrible thing. Obviously I didn't even like it while it was happening because I didn't get too far. Now I know that if I want to knit a beautiful lace skirt, I need beautiful lace yarn and a hell of a lot more patience. I hate lace.

Plarn. I made plastic yarn out of a bunch of plastic grocery bags. I think my vague idea was to make a reusable grocery bag out of old bags. But I got creative, with the cable, and it looked weird. Fail.

And these were all the tools I got back (and didn't even know I had)!

A pair of size 10 straights, a pair of size 2 straights, a pair of circular needles, and two sets of dpns.

I spent all last night on Ravelry, searching for patterns worked with the yarns I have in my stash. It was so fun. I got really excited about using the yarns... but the thing is, I don't have enough of most of them because the only projects I really like are sweaters and garments. I don't wear accessories! I don't even wear my knitted socks!! I'm a sweater girl, what can I say? I'm an incurable sweater knitter. I'm especially excited about my Misti Alpaca pima/silk blend. I LOVE the colorway and all the projects on Ravelry show it to advantage... it's so pretty. I just need like four more skeins, and I can make a sweater. But I need four more skeins. Lol. And I have yarn on the way to make two other sweaters. And I'm going to start working a lot soon (hopefully!!!) so I'll have less time to knit. But more money to buy yarn, mwahaha!

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