Sunday, September 19, 2010


...I got a job. All of us here in the Forman household are very relieved. I start on Thursday at Bath & Body works, so I'm going to smell really good from now on! I also have an interview at Joann Fabrics, so maybe I'll get another job too. It'll be reeeaaalllly nice to have some income again. Like, REALLY nice.

Right now I'm working on my aunt's Bell Curve skirt, same yarn as my mom's, in navy blue. And also some Knit Picks sock blank socks, which are coming out REALLY cool. (The rainbow ones.) And also a sample scarf that I'm doing. I tried to continue with my gloves last week, and got happily all the way up to the thumb when I realized that I had knit a second right hand. So I had to unravel the glove back down to the ribbing. THAT was frustrating.

There are just sooo many things I want to make.

-My Noro coat. I have seven skeins of Noro Iro wound into balls and waiting to be knit, but I haven't gotten around to it yet and I fear that my enthusiasm about it is waning. But I really want to knit a coat. I have always wanted to knit a coat!! Wahh! I just haven't really had the time to write out the pattern. I've started it, but nothing is really worked out concretely and I don't want to start till it is.

-I recently decided (like two days ago) that I want to knit the Featherweight Cardigan, which is this laceweight little cardigan which is VERY cute, and the pattern suggests Malabrigo Lace which, by the way, I have! I only have one skein though, and I need at least two or three because I think I want to make the sleeves long instead of three-quarter. So I emailed Fine Points asking if they still have some Sapphire Malabrigo Lace. Maybe they can send it to me. It would be the same dye lot, so that would be ideal. But the thing is, I've never made a sweater in a lighter weight and I think I would get a lot more use out of it than the worsted wool sweaters I have made. They all end up kinda bulky! So it would be really fun to knit a laceweight sweater.

-My winter hat. I need a new one, and I have a few funky cabled hats queued up on Ravelry, but since it's not that cold yet, no rush. I wanted to make it with my red Malabrigo worsted, but now I have another skein of a more neutral, dark color so that might be more appropriate. I'll consider it. I do love bright standy-out colors, after all.

-Diamond knee socks. I looked through my old Knit-a-Day Calendars. I do this every once in a while because my knitting tastes change, so different patterns appeal to me at different times. I picked out a bunch of sock patterns, and these cool knee socks, although I think I would knit them to thigh-length. I would have to alter the pattern to fit over my knee. This isn't high-priority.

-Baby sweater for my friend Heather's baby, due at the end of December. No rush on that either clearly but I want to make it-- the sweater is so cute, with a neat shoulder placket, and I like knitting baby things. And the yarn is so soft! It's going to be fun to work with.

-I found a bunch of other cute baby projects in the calendar as well, a few infant socks, which I want to make (I think they're better than booties!!) and an ADORABLE hoodie sweater for a baby-- so, so, so cute! I need someone else near me to have a baby already!

I should REALLY knit more stuff for my Etsy page. I have completely neglected that since I created it last year. But now when I knit stuff I like it so much that I want to keep it! Plus, you can't sell things knit from other people's patterns... so I'd have to like make some upppp and that's hard. I need to practice my pattern writing skills. For realZ. It always takes so long for me. But I do find it very fun and interesting. I love solving the knitting problems. But I don't think I know enough about it. I need to learn. I want to take a class or something.

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