Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Happy Dance Time

Guys, I got ANOTHER job today!! Barush Hashem!!! Formans Rejoice!!!

I was just cruising the mall with my mom and I stopped in at the Lindt Chocolate to say hi to my old friend, Ron. We worked together at Lindt for many years, in Woodbury, and after that store closed he moved to Roosevelt Field. So I wandered in to say HI. And whaddayaknow!!! They needed people! All their people were leaving!! The overseeing manager happened to be in the store!! Application, interview, wham bam! I'm back at Lindt, baby!!

The fact that I now have TWO jobs and will soon have steady income makes me feel a little less guilty about spending many moneys on Knit Picks products today. I put in my order for sixteen skeins of yarn and I am SO EXCITED!! It shipped today so I should have it soon. I won't put down an exact number, but I spent enough to qualify for free shipping, so. I ordered seven different kinds of yarn, totaling 16 skeins, and a pair of size 2 32" circulars. I ordered six skeins of a fingering weight yarn called Palette, to make this really sweet short-sleeved sweater with this awesome ribbed collar with a button placket. I just discovered it on Ravelry yesterday. I also ordered three skeins of lace for a laceweight sweater I want to make. And some other random stuff just to test out the Knit Picks quality. It's a notoriously cheap source of (reputedly) fairly quality yarn, so I decided I needed to see for myself.

Anyway, problems.

I started the Noro coat the other day. But then I went on Ravelry (I LOVE THAT SITE! How did I live without it?) to look up Noro Iro projects and it turns out someone else had this idea before. A few people actually, made some pretty cute coats. And that's when I realized that I definitely don't have enough yarn. Actually, I realized it when I started knitting and I was halfway through the skein before I had 3" done. And it's a super-bulky yarn. So now I have to rethink things.

This is my Noro Iro. All very beautiful, but what do I do with it?? Seven skeins isn't enough to make a coat. Maybe a blazer? I dunno. I've kind of lost my enthusiasm for it. Maybe it'll just stay in my stash for now... I do want to make some kind of outerwear with it, but I don't feel like buying more of it right now.

Mailed out the sample scarf and Play With Fire socks today. Am working diligently on Aunt Hayley's skirt. I don't even know when I'll see her next, so I don't have a deadline per se, but I'm plodding through. Also working on a pair of Knit Picks socks. I used a German Twisted cast on as recommended, because it said it makes a "stretchy" hem, but-- I must have messed up, because it's really tight and uncomfortable. In fact, I may actually try to undo the cast-on and just bind off the cuff because the sock comes up really high on the knee and it's freaking annoying to tug it over the calf.

In other news, the Law and Order: SVU Season Premiere was tonight and .... WOWZA!! Top notch!! SVU always delivers!! I need to learn how to simultaneously WATCH tv and knit, though. I realized that I never take my eyes off my knitting. Which will probably result in some eyesight issues later on. Problematic, as my eyesight already sucks.

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