Monday, October 4, 2010

Updates 'n' stuff

Been busy WORKING!! UGH!! Hate being an adult!! JK. It's good to be working. But it leaves less time for knitting, sadly. Nevertheless I have managed to do some stuff.

I started a little short-sleeved sweater, which, like most of my knitting, has its own saga. I technically started it September 25th, but had to rip it out after a few inches because I wanted to do it in a small instead of a medium size. I don't know what's wrong with me. I don't know if it's the gauge or just the pattern, but EVERY TIME, I KNIT THINGS THE WRONG SIZE!! Seriously, I get so frustrated. I even checked the gauge! Okay, I knit like four rows, but I thought it would be good enough. Not, apparently, because the sweater started looking pretty wide. But then I realized it was because the pattern called for casting on the number of BUST STITCHES and working straight, with no waist shaping. So of course it was going to be huge.

Too big.

I started again with a small, casting on 246, and started doing some shaping that I had worked out. When I finished with the waist shaping at 202 sts, I tentatively tried it on (dropping a ton of stitches because my needle it too short to accommodate me) and it was . . . well, roomy. I even tried it on over my bust and it was STILL roomy. Like, 202 sts was still too freaking roomy for my bust!!! I mean! Completely Ridiculous! For this to actually be a fitted sweater, I'd have to CAST ON less than 202 sts. SERIOUSLY!!!

What is WRONG with me?

I started increasing for the bust anyway. Right now I've got like 230 sts, about, which I'm going to keep going with. The bust is actually going to be MORE narrow than the hip circumference. Which is so silly. If I was a really fastidious knitter (not), I'd rip it out and redo the whole effing thing, using my own numbers. But I'm not going to. I know it'll still look nice, just not fitted. And not ENORMOUS hopefully, just standard-fitting. I hope. Sigh.

 I'm at about 10.5" now. 4.5" to the splitting. Knitknitknitknitknitknitknitknitslipmarkerknitknitknit. 

As I often do when I'm involved in a more serious WIP, I decided to do a quick knit. I made a string market bag! It's great! I started it Saturday night and finished it Sunday, knitting most of it in the car going to and from apple picking with my parents. Check it out.

It was so fast. Only 24 rows total, but the pattern called for a bunch of funky stitches. I used Knit Picks Organic Cotton Sport, so I feel even more crunchy!! Organic, undyed yarn. Lovelove. It's perfect for taking to the store if you're just getting a few things, but where I really envision using it most is in the shuk in Israel where you buy fresh fruit and veggies and all kinds of stuff. It looks small, but BOY does it stretch!!!

 I packed dozens of apples in it and there was room to spare. I could have fit more. I made the strap a bit long, so stretched out it's a little longer than I would like. However, I'm happy with it.

I'm also considering making a few baby things for some friends back in Israel. I already made the Bailey kids hats-- I still have to make a baby sweater for them, but I also have a few other friends who have/will soon have newborns.So I might have some more things to add to my list!

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