Wednesday, December 8, 2010

So close!

Hello friends!

I am SO CLOSE to finishing my Plain & Simple short-sleeved sweater.... So close! All I have left is one more inch of the collar, and then the ribbing in the sleeves and final finishing.

Here are some pictures! I am LOVING the collar.

 If the images seem particularly sharp, it's because I took them with my BRAND NEW Canon Powershot!!!

It's plenty fitted... maybe TOO fitted... I don't know. The bottom hem ribbing pulls in a little bit. And the sweater may make me look a little chubby. Maybe I'm just being paranoid. Women of my particular persuasion, i.e., large chested, are never, ever supposed to wear high-necked tops. I'm breaking the rules here. We're only supposed to wear V-necks and never crew necks or turtlenecks. This is like a cross between the two. But I still LOVE IT!!! Once it's finished, it will be sooo pretty. My only issue is, worrying that it makes me look fat. Why does knitting have to be so lumpy??

There are a few mods-- I'll post them all when I'm finished with the sweater. Should finish it tomorrow.

Another finished project-- made myself a new hat Monday night:

 It's a newer version of my old entrelac hat. (See earlier posts for tribute.) It's the same color family-- the old hat was turquoise and red, and this one is jade and magenta. I did a ribbed border, then decreased across the next row-- k2tog, p2tog-- to achieve the smaller number of stitches needed for entrelac, and then I just proceeded as usual. It took about 3.5 hours start to finish. I like it a lot.

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