Tuesday, December 21, 2010

First fitting

Actually tried on the skirt today. My pictures are pretty awful, since I either took them by holding the camera out in front of me or with self-timer. Imprecise.

I love the colors. It's pretty but short, and I only have 1.5 balls left of the yarn. I doubt I'll be able to work down to the length I want. So I really have to return that other Stroll Tonal, and I guess I'll order one more ball of the Swish DK. With the yarn I have now, I can maybe work three or four more inches. I'll see how it looks when I'm finished. Tomorrow is my LAST day of work before a FOUR DAY VACATION!!! So I'll have lots of knitting time. I can't tell you how excited I am for my four days off. I've been getting up BEFORE SEVEN to go to work for the last three days. It's hell!! OK, maybe not hell, but it is painful. And tomorrow is the laaaast morning I have to do it. After that, I sleep in! ... Err... what was I saying? Oh yeah, knitting time. I'd like to finish up the yarn by Sunday at the latest. Maybe it'll be long enough. Although I may want to finish with a few rows of garter because of curling issues.... so then I'd have to plan ahead. So I'll just keep trying on the skirt as it gets longer.

Side view. Can you even tell which side is the front and which is the back? Barely. I have NO butt. I really wish I had thought of Sketchers Shape-Ups before Hanukkah, because they are a hundred bucks. I may have to treat myself to a pair just so I can fill out this skirt.

The buttonholes are too big. I used a bind-off/cast-on buttonhole, and I cast off two stitches because they are big buttons, but it should have been just one stitch. Oh well.

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