Sunday, January 23, 2011

Vogue Knitting Live!

This weekend I had the pleasure of being part of the very first Vogue Knitting Live event in New York. My friends at Fine Points in Cleveland, OH-- where I interned one day a week over the summer-- traveled to the city for the show, and asked me to help out. It was crazy! I didn't get to go to any classes or attend any lectures, unfortunately-- I was in the marketplace from morning till night. But I did get to see my very first knitting show, and I had a lot of fun working at the booth. It was really, completely crazy-- tons of people lining up to pay BIG bucks for yarn, clothes and jewelry. One woman bought one of our sample garments for $750!!!!!!!!!!! I mean!!!! I know that hand-knit garments are worth a lot-- I mean, tons of hours go into making them, not to mention cost of materials-- but that seems like quite a bit to me!!! I wish I could get someone to pay that much for something I knit!

Here are some action pics from our booth:

Tons of people, tons of gorgeous yarn and jewelry... and speaking of gorgeous yarn... well you wouldn't expect me to go home without any goodies, would you?!!

In the very few spare moments I grabbed to run around and look at the other booths, I found a great close-out yarn sale-- bags of yarn, steeply discounted. I grabbed a bag of Elsebeth Lavold's Silky Wool. I only really discovered this yarn on Friday. It's so very soft! I usually avoid wool because of the itchy quotient. But I wore a garment all day made of this stuff and it was super-comfy. They only had yellow left, but it's a nice sunny yellow and I really like it:

I also snatched up a bag of Araucania  Ulmo Multi, which is a variegated cotton Aran weight yarn. There was also a gorgeous purple multi which I really loved, but I think this yarn is a great color for baby blankets. It's not too girly (I don't think) or boyish-- it's just babyish. And with ten skeins a bag, that's over 2000 yards of yarn-- so I'll be able to make a few nice-sized blankies.

My only concern is the fact that it is hand-wash only... that's not really a quality you are looking for in any baby project. But I looked on Ravelry and quite a few people have used this yarn for baby things, so maybe it is not so hard to clean.

I also got some yarn from Fine Points, of course-- they have the most mouth-watering selection of Claudia Hand Painted Yarns, which is one of my ultimate favorite yarn brands, though, until now I had only ever used her Silk Lace, which is like BUTTER (though I never finished that project...). I absolutely LOVE her colorways though, and there were a few that I just had to have:

This is so pretty-- pastel baby colors ("Jonquil") in Short Sport. I could probably make three to five pairs of baby booties for this. (Why am I making all this baby stuff??)

Oooh, SWOON! This is Silk Lace in Collards and Grits. I saw it and fell in love. There was no deliberation whatsoever. It's just. So. Pretty. And I have NEVER felt a softer, smoother yarn in a finished project. Who knows what it will be. But until it becomes anything, I just want to love and pet it.

I also bought three skeins of Claudia Fingering Weight. This stuff was FLYING off the shelves, and the most popular pattern for this yarn was the Linen Stitch Scarf, which I also purchased.

I really didn't know which colors to get, and I didn't have much time to shop-- so I just plucked up a few of my favorite colorways: from the left, Eat Your Veggies, Chocolate Cherry, and Spring Break. I don't even know that they really go together at all, but the point is to make it really wild and crazy and you can't really go wrong with this stuff-- it's ALL so gorgeous.

So I will start the linen scarf soon-- maybe tonight?! I've never used this yarn but I'm so excited. It's really gorgeous. But I do have to wind it. I hate winding this gorgeous yarn into an ugly little ball. I wish I had a swift!!! I want my dad to build a cute little one for me, but he is very busy so who knows when that will be. Until then, winding yarn off my bedpost.

I made a few other purchases too-- I bought a cute little drawstring bag from KnittyCity and a "limited edition" VK Live tote-- I feel like I must have it because I was there!

It was a fun, crazy experience, but I hated staying in the city. It's so difficult and annoying to get anywhere, and it was BRUTALLY cold-- they say a record-breaking weekend of coldness. And there was a LOT of walking. Tonight coming home was a slog, I gotta say-- lugged my backpack, all my yarn, my laptop, purse AND a big bag of Chinese food home on the train. I take my mess everywhere!

And by the way, I am not buying any more yarn for a long time-- until I USE some of my stash. It's ridiculous how much I have.

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