Wednesday, January 19, 2011


My first non-kippa crocheted project!!

It's a hat! I was practicing my crocheting skills, which are rusty since I haven't used them since the last kippa I made last spring, and I just kept going.... so it turned into a hat!
I messed up a little with the increases and decreases around the crown. I wasn't sure about it so I just improvised wildly. So it's a little lumpy but it looks smooth enough when it's being worn.

I think it turned out pretty well, for my first crocheted hat. And it was SO superduper-fast. And fun! I'm giving it to my sister since I already have a hat.


Let me introduce the world to Ariel Bailey, the newest addition to the wonderful Bailey family!!!!! Here he is, wearing the hat I made him!!!! Ok, so it's kinda big, as I really have no idea what size babies' heads are supposed to be, but too big is better than too small-- he'll grow into it.

And a ridiculously cute photo of Ariel's older sister and brother, Leah and Sauly, marching hand-in-hand while wearing their awesome matching hats.
I love these kids!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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