Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Linen Skarf is the purtiest thing ever

Love love loving my linen scarf project....


Now that I am knitting it up, I wish I had chosen yarns that covered every element of Roy G. Biv. I'd like some yellow and there isn't any, nor is there any true red, and I wish there was a tad less brown. Nevertheless, the color combinations are beautiful! Spring Break provides indigo, navy, a burnt orange kind of color, gray/green, brown and a little bit of purple. Chocolate Cherry is pretty straightforward-- brown and pink, plus an in-between color. And Eat Your Veggies has got neon lime green, olive green, sea-green and a very light gray. So we have most colors covered. And when it's all knit up together, it looks SO cool!

I started it on Sunday when I got home, winding the yarn and casting on. Over the past few days I have been working on it diligently. A lot of Ravelers said that the project is like pulling teeth, but I find that it is going very quickly! Of course, I still have less than 2", so there's a ways to go, but I am really enjoying the project. I love the fringe. The only thing is that it can be annoying to start a new color. The new yarn is not anchored, so the edge stitches become loose and you have to pull them and hold onto the last few fringes. But it's not a huge deal. I just LOVE the way all of the different colors stripe and mix. I wonder if I'll ever wear it. I'm not a scarf person-- I'm too fidgety. And my body changes temperatures really quickly so I am always fussing with my clothes, hair and accessories. Putting my hair up. Taking my hair down. Putting a sweater on. Taking the sweater off. Pushing up my sleeves. Pushing down my sleeves. Etc. However, this scarf is so pretty!!!!!! And it will match everything! (Not that matching is really a priority of mine.)

Also, here's a picture of Ariel Bailey in the sweater I made him!! It's too big, but he will grow into it:


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