Monday, January 31, 2011

Another new project: trials and travails

I started another new project-- a lace dress from an old issue of Vogue Knitting! I've been looking at it on Ravelry for a while and I even ordered yarn for it from Knit Picks, but I figured I'd wait till spring to start it. Well, for some reason I felt compelled to begin. But from the start-- even before the start-- I was a little hesitant, for a few reasons:
-I don't really like knitting lace, in general.
-I am really worried about the fit and sizing-- we all know about the sad mishaps that have occurred in my knitting past, fit-wise. And this dress wouldn't be easy to modify for a larger bust, because of the lace pattern. I'm doing the small/medium size (as opposed to the large) because I know the large would be too large, but I am worried about the bust. I want to avoid unseemly stretching/pulling across the chest. Right now the plan is to go up a few needle sizes when I get to the bust.
-The yarn, is eh. I was expecting something a little more... woolen, I guess, just judging from photos online. But it is a cotton blend, and it is a little fuzzy. I don't think it will pill (I hope not anyway) but I don't LOVE the yarn. it is fine to knit with, and plenty soft, plus the color is dynamite, I'm just not sure...

And to top it off I cast on with a smaller needle size than called for, and didn't feel like redoing it... so I hope the cast-on edge doesn't end up being too tight.

Otherwise I am totally enjoying knitting it-- it is actually going pretty fast...

Or WAS, until I cut my finger yesterday...

The cut is on the very tip of my finger, right below the nail. In fact the corner of the nail was shaved off as well. It is painful if there is any pressure on it, so I have bandaged it liberally with gauze, band-aids and medical tape. I might be going a bit overboard, but dammit, it hurts! I need it nicely, firmly cushioned. But the downshot of it is that since this is a very crucial knitting finger-- my left pointer finger, around which I wrap the yarn as I knit-- knitting has become slightly inconvenienced. The yarn catches on my big bandage and my pace is slower. Today I decided to use the situation to practice knitting the English way, with the yarn wrapped around my right pointer finger, looping my finger around to the needle to wrap the yarn instead of just picking it up from my left finger. Ugh, annoying. I did that for one round, but my tension was way tighter and harder to control. Obviously if I practiced for longer it would have gotten easier but I gave up pretty quickly and went back to awkwardly knitting around my bandage.

Haven't worked on the linen scarf since I started the dress-- will go back to that when my finger is more healed.

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