Thursday, October 21, 2010


Today I had the pleasure of visiting the Tiger Button Company in Manhattan, where a family friend works. He showed me the showroom and then let me loose in the stockroom.... YIPPEE!!! I snatched up a few hundred high-end, beautiful buttons and have spent the last hour lovingly organizing and playing with them.

Here was my button collection before:

And here it was after:

I also got a few D-Rings, latches, other notions, etc. I got so many cute buttons! I also got a really sweet leather toggle, which I was going to use on an open cardigan I have, but I lost it already :(. I think I took it out to admire it at a pizza place and now it's gone. I'm really sad.

But I did end up SCORING on the button end of things. Here are some closeups:

And some favorites:

I got leather, metal, plastic, wood, every kind of button!!!

Not totally sure what I'm going to DO with them exactly, but now when I make stuff with buttons I have a lot of choices. The storeroom was just aisles of boxes upon boxes of buttons.... it was like being a kid in a candy store. Which, actually, I am on my working days. So I'm just a lucky gal.

I also made another Blackberry case for my best friend Jill, with more leftover sock yarn:

It took about five hours of TV time, start to finish. Quick and easy.

I fitted it on my iPod again. I'm giving it to her when I go down to D.C. in a few weeks for Jon Stewart's RALLY TO RESTORE SANITY!!!

Now I'm going to sew buttons on the baby sweater, and then they're all ready to go.

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