Friday, July 23, 2010

problem already

So I cast on for the skirt last night and I'm already having issues. I cast on for a Medium because Rowan Denim is supposed to shrink. But as I'm knitting I'm getting the feeling I should be doing the small, and I know it's going to keep nagging at me as I work. I'm only about a dozen rows in at this point, so I know I should really rip it out and start again, but I haaate ripping out.... so now I have to deal with this. Sigh. On another note, look at what the denim yarn did to my wooden needles:

The one on the left used to look like the one on the right. Now it is completely blue/green. Yuck. Also my hands are just covered in dye and fiber... and this stuff takes quite a few washes to get off.

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