Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Started my Karira sock!

I was finally inspired to start my sock today, after Sarah Jo, my roommate and fellow intern, lent me two small size one circulars, so I could try the two circ method for the first time. I've only ever knit socks with dpns, which isn't so bad, except for a few drawbacks. First, starting the damn thing can drive you insane: keeping cast-on stitches balanced on three dpns, untwisted, and completing that first row can just unhinge you. And, they have a tendency to slide off the needles and if you accidentally pull the wrong point, you've dropped all the stitches on that needle. So okay, it has its drawbacks. (Also, it can poke you!) But I've never known any other way until this summer, when I was introduced to the concept of the two-circular method, which is basically the same except instead of three dpns you just use two circular needles, and split the stitches in half. They are muuuch less likely to slide off the needle, and casting on is much easier.

So I wound my yarn and started my Karira sock, and I have completed one chart repeat. Here is an awful picture:

Took it with my webcam, so you can barely even get an idea of what it looks like. Here is what it looked like earlier in the day, in a better photo:

That just gives you an idea of the yarn. Which I am IN LOVE WITH. It's freaking gorgeous.

So the pattern is kind of finnicky. I finished one repeat (20 rows) and I was getting a little stressed out there near the end. I now have to do two more repeats, AND another sock, but that's a problem for another day... I'm not sure when I'm going to pick it up and start another repeat, I think I'll just give us both some time apart.

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