Saturday, March 5, 2011

Purty Lace!!

So I started this shrug on Monday, and now it's Saturday and I'm finished! Blocked, stocked and barrel.... Errm... yeah.

I LOVE IT! I think I say that about most of the stuff I make. Which is good. You should love things you work on for hours and hours. But this is like, a different level of knitting love. For a few reasons.

1. It has some tricky lace charts, and I don't usually do a lot of lace. What I mean to say is, I don't do lace.
2. It's really cute and flattering, no making me look chunky, no stretching across the chestular area. Because there is none.
3. It's SO wearable and handy!!!!

My other stuff, it's all very cute stuff that I wear occasionally. I just wore my Winter Wonderland skirt last weekend, actually, and my teal cowl neck on Wednesday. But this is something that I can wear ALL the time, not now when I never go anywhere special, but when I'm in Israel and I am dressing up for Shabbat, or if I have an occasion to look nice, this will come in serious handy. You always need cute little things to throw over your tank tops and so on. And this is so freaking CUTE!!

But enough talking-- here's some pictures to illustrate what I mean.

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the foldy ribbed band, the fitted sleeves, the sweet neckline, the back, EVERYTHING!! Love everything about it!!!!!!!!!!!! I can't even believe I made it, that's how pretty and finished and awesome it is. Yeah!!

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