Thursday, March 10, 2011

New pattern coming soon...

Today was devoted to writing and testing a new pattern for stranded colorwork leg warmers.

Sneak Peek.......

 This was a write-as-you-go type of operation, so there were a few missteps. My first attempt was so small I couldn't get it over my foot, so I abandoned it and tried again. I enthusiastically cast on and worked 3" of ribbing before realizing that I had not done the proper calculations and had ended up with two red swirls next to each other, so that took some last minute re-figuring. I've been at this all evening, for several hours now, and my eyes want to look anywhere but at a piece of knitting. I tried really hard to make the floats very loose, but there is still some puckering. I'm not sure if I should "catch" the floats or not. They look neater uncaught, but they can also get stuck on a toe. And I'm wondering if catching the carried-along strands with the working yarn would help or hurt the puckering. Probably help. So when I make the other one I'll try that. This was a very rough prototype, and I had some ideas as I went along, so the second one will probably be a lot neater and nicer. 

Anyhoo, I plan to knit up the second half of the pair tomorrow (ish, if I'm not still burnt out), polish the pattern and post it on here sometime over the weekend. Stay tuned.

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