Sunday, February 6, 2011

Those who ignore history....

...Are doomed to repeat it. And the unfair thing is, I DID swatch this time!! For naught. I just reached the waist shaping and decided to try on the dress.

It might as well be an ad for Jenny Craig. That's the NARROWEST point of the dress, and it's ridiculously huge! Here it is laid out once I took it off the needle:

At the cast on, there were 288 stitches; at the waist, there were half that-- 144. Can you even tell?! What a disaster!!

What I must take away from this: I knit very loosely. I need to ALWAYS go down a needle size (or two) if I want to avoid HUGE gauge mishap!!! To be honest, I wasn't overly devastated about ripping this, for a few reasons-- one, I want it, and I want it to fit well, so I'd rather rip it out and start again than give up. Two, how things were going I would have definitely run out of yarn-- now that I will be removing several repeats, I'll definitely have enough. Three, it only took me about a week to knit all of that, so it'll hopefully be even faster when I have less stitches. And four, as a knitter, you simply have to accept these things and move on. Sadly, it is part of our reality. Though it ALWAYS seems to happen to me! Remember my buttoned--collar sweater, that I had to completely destroy and restart? But the thing is, now it is the best-fitting thing I have EVER knit and I love it to pieces.

Anyway, I have decided to remove four repeats, so that is 96 stitches. I am casting on 192. Sigh. Hope it works this time.

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