Monday, February 14, 2011

Dressing up

Oohh, I am doing very well with my dress....

Halfway done with the waist shaping-- at about 29"! Way past where I was before I ripped it out, and I have a TON of yarn left. I'm probably about halfway through the enormous ball that I rolled from the ripped project. I think I'm on the fifth skein. Far from running out, I might actually have yarn left over when I'm done! Removing four repeats, though drastic, was DEFINITELY the right decision. If I had only removed two (like several other Ravelers), it would still be loose on me... and I like things fitted. Especially knitted ones. I find that stuff that's loose makes me look lumpy. Snug-fitting = way more flattering. Though I think for this dress I may have to do some crunches, because you know that little pouch of fat under your belly button, well this dress does not forgive.

At any rate, it's going very very fast-- I knit a lot today and I got so far. I could probably even finish this in a few days. And it fits! I keep trying it on every time I do a decrease round, and even at the 12-st repeats, it STILL fits with a tiny bit of give-- and keep in mind that's only 96 stitches around! I am a VERY loose knitter, apparently. After I finish the waist shaping, it's up to the bust shaping and then sleeves, and from what I've read on Ravelry, it seems like the instructions for the sleeves are really confusing and unclear, so with my improvised changes, I'm a little worried. But whatever, it'll work out somehow. And now I REALLY have to go to sleep, because, sadly, my day off is over :( and it's back to the daily grind tomorrow.

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