Monday, February 21, 2011


Whenever I have a day or two off from work, I always assume I'm going to get a nice chunk of knitting done. The thing is, I didn't have that many big WIPs this weekend-- I finished my dress, so now I just have my linen scarf, commissioned baby sweater, baby blanket for baby not due till summer, nothing I'm really that excited about. So I didn't do as much knitting as I wanted. I got the sweater done-- almost completely done, still need to sew on some buttons-- just lost steam-- and weave in ends. But I did it very unenthusiastically because it's not for anyone I know and not made with nice yarn. But I am getting paid for it, so I should be happy. BLEUGH.

I don't know why it's sideways. Whatever.

And I decided I want to put some more stuff on my Etsy page, because it's really not that impressive. And I've made a bunch of those blackberry cozies lately and they're cute and fast and easy, so I thought I'd just make a bunch and pop em on. But no, I had to go get creative. UGH! I experimented with this kind of asymmetric random cable thing and... bleh. Just looks kind of messy, and stretches weirdly over the iPod I tried it on.

That's the front.

That's the back. Upside down.

Sigh, and then I had the idea of making ones with personalized initials which I thought would be cool, but I wanted to use intarsia so I decided to knit it flat and seam it instead of knitting in the round and stranding. And I really didn't swatch too accurately so the sizing was WAAAAY off and it's just tiny and stretches and the concept is good, but I need to get fingering yarn in many different colors if I really want to explore that idea.

And I'm supposed to be on a yarn diet. Though I just sold some yarn through Ravelry, so maybe I should use my PayPal money and order some more Knit Picks... augh! I have a problem. However, I wouldn't want to use Palette, it's too hairy. I need something more like a sock  yarn. Maybe I'll surf on over to the site and see what they have. Ayyyyiyiyi, I have a PROBLEM!!!

Anyway, I'm pretty disappointed with my knitting achievements this weekend, and now I have four days of work in a row. But again, it's not like I'm working on anything THAT exciting, so my apathy is understandable. I really need to step it up on the linen scarf. I made some good progress this week by working a few rows here and there, so I'll try to keep it up.

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