Monday, November 29, 2010

Plodding onwards

Updates on the projects I last blogged about.

Unfortunately my cowl neck sweater has not been progressing at the rate I'd hoped. I did do my daily 2" for about the first three days, but then I lost steam. Now I'm at about 9":

It is DEFINITELY looking like it will fit about a thousand times better though, and that was really the point, so I'm very happy about that. All I really need is a few solid hours of a Law & Order marathon to chug my way through the body of this sweater, but I am working every day this week so knitting time is limited to the very few moments at which I'm not complaining about work/eating/refreshing my Facebook page/watching TV slack-jawed.

Here's how the "skirt" is going:
I haven't quite finished the waistband. And I haven't even ordered the rest of the yarn. Because I had a sudden realization that I have already knit a lavender skirt. This guy, from a few years back:
I really like this skirt, though I rarely wear it. It's very heavy because of the double increases at each eyelet point, leaving me with 400 stitch+ rounds in the last tier. But that's not the point. The point is that when I remembered I'd made this skirt I became much less motivated to make yet another lavender skirt. So I faced two options. Get more yarn in a different color, rip out the waistband, reknit in new color, or, the second option which I like better, finish the waistband in Sugar Plum and order a different complimentary color for the rest of the skirt. I have 5 balls of "Sky Blue" in my KnitPicks shopping cart. So whenever I get around to ordering that maybe I'll actually knit that skirt.

Other stuff I have to knit-- hat for my mom's Hanukkah present. Um, possibly other Hanukkah presents? I guess now that I think about it I don't have a lot of stuff in my Must-Knit queue. I do have a lot of sock blank socks to knit for Shannon but I'll save those for when I'm back into knitting. Even though I have these two projects in-process, I'm not so totally motivated yet.

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