Tuesday, November 23, 2010

The Knitting Blues

It's very bad timing, but I've hit a knitting slump. The last thing I made was the headband, a nice short quick project that I could finish in one evening. But I have been totally unmotivated to finish ANY of my existing projects.

A. Cowl-neck sweater in Knit Picks Palette. Oh man-- this thing is huge. I will absolutely have to unwind it and re-knit it if I want to ever care about wearing it. Which is a shame, because I've finished the entire body and one half of the yoke! But I have not one inkling of a desire to knit one more stitch on the thing. It's enormous. Simply enormous. At least if I frog and re-knit, I'll be able to cut out like a hundred stitches, so maybe the body will go faster.

Here is the sweater compared to a tank top that actually fits me.

B. Aunt Hayley's skirt. What I've learned about myself recently is that making the same thing over and over really bores me. I made myself a skirt; I made my mom the skirt. I started my aunt's skirt. Got about half-way done. And then ppttthhhpb (sound of balloon deflating). Just lost it. Lost all the mojo.

All that's left is the flare.... sigh.

C. Silk gloves. Moses. I started these over the SUMMER! What happened was this. I finished one glove very quickly and started the second glove, but got distracted with lots of other projects and figured I could finish them when it became colder. Then in September I happily knit up to the first finger. And then I unhappily realized that I had made a second right-hand glove. So I had to rip back all the way to the ribbing, and since then, it's been slow going. I finished the thumb gusset, and stopped there.

I have to make Hanukkah presents now. I finished my dad's hat, and now my mom wants one, the same one, also in Malabrigo. I can either use the red/pink variegated that I bought over the summer, or go and buy another skein of the Malabrigo Worsted... cause I kinda want the red for myself! I need a winter hat after all. I had to throw out my old red and blue entrelac hat when I found a hole chewed in it... by some bugs. Which were still living in the hat. It's too bad. That hat got me through a lot of chilly hikes and even kept my little Zevi's head warm in a pinch.

RIP hat.

I also have to make a present for my sister, and maybe a few others for family members. And I'm sooo uninspired. I found a really cute skirt in Interweave Knits, but I don't have the yarn for it in my stash... and I'm not sure I'm up to another skirt project. Though I love knitting skirts. Maybe I should start that, order the yarn, and hope that being excited about one project will kick-start my enthusiasm for all the others!

Here's a picture of the skirt (I had to take a picture of the magazine because it's not even on Ravelry yet):

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