Sunday, February 1, 2009

glove madness

So I'm making gloves for the first time at the request of a friend. For my first attempt I used size one dpns (double-pointed needles) and sock yarn because I figured lightweight yarn would be better for a delicate project like this. Nay. The glove came out sized for a nine year old. Plus, I totally screwed up the increases for the thumb gusset and there are tons of holes. And it fits terribly.

I know it looks like it's on the wrong hand, but it looks just as bad on the other one too.

Basically, WEAK.

I'm trying again. I'm using Bernat Worsted, which is medium-weight. I originally used it for a sweater vest and I had some left over. I bought size three dpns, but I think they are too small. Anyway, the glove is going to come out way too big, since my friend has tiny fairy-like hands and this one seems like it'll be too big on me. Blurg! I bought a dowel at Wal-Mart to make my own size four/five DPNs instead of having to buy another set for $4. It worked out pretty well. I cut it into five equal-size lengths and used a nail file to sand down the points. To make them perfect I'd have to smooth them down with some sand paper and maybe paint on a coat of varnish, but I don't have that kind of dedication. This works fine. I actually made another set, like comparable to size twos, from those shish-kebab skewars you can buy at food stores. This is a great solution to buying dpns. You can get dowels in lots of sizes from hardware stores REALLY cheaply. And one stick will make a whole set of five.

Anyway... I'm going to finish this one just so I can have a general idea of sizing. Even though it will definitely not fit my friend. So that means I'll have to make a third test glove.

Oh well, knitting is a labor of love.

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  1. Hey Sweetie,
    I love reading your blog. Sorry about the gloves. They're still pretty though.
    Please start a business which I will run for you. That way we'll both be busy (and happy).
    Love you. Mom