Monday, August 15, 2011

Simple Ribbed Kindle Cozy

Simple Ribbed Kindle Cozy with Elastic Band

Abra Forman 

This is a very simple, very quick ribbed case for the Amazon Kindle, but instead of a button flap or closure, this cozy features an elastic band sewn in at the opening so you can simply slip it in and go with no possibility of it falling out and no need to fasten it closed. The Amazon cover with backlight is great but gives the Kindle significant extra weight, and when you go out during the day and know you won’t need the light, a secure cozy does just fine and weighs a lot less. Just a few quick hours of knitting and your Kindle is fully protected from bumps and scratches!
Skills Needed
Knitting in the round

Empty (Unstretched): 10” in length, 2” in width
With Kindle: 8.25” in length, 5” in width

70 yards Valley Yarns Stockbridge in Red Purple
2 circular needles, size 5 (any length)
Stitch marker
About 10” of elastic ribbon, .25” width
Tapestry needle

This pattern uses the two-circular method, but you can also use dpns or Magic Loop if you prefer.

4 sts/8 rows= 1" in STRETCHED rib pattern.


CO 40 sts using Judy’s Magic Cast On.

Work k2, p2 rib in the round on two circulars  until work measures 9” from beginning, unstretched. Place stitch marker at beginning of round.

Elastic band casing:

Rounds 1-4: knit
Round 5: Purl
Rounds 6-10: knit

Bind off loosely. Cut a long tail for sewing seam of elastic band.

Elastic Band:

Cut a 10” length of elastic and shape into a circle with one half inch overlapping on either side, so that the length of the band when folded in half equals 4.5” (9” total). Securely sew ends together. Turn the cozy inside out and position the elastic string around the stockinette band:

Fold the stockinette band over so the two wrong sides are facing. Using a tapestry needle and the tail, sew the bound-off edge to the inside of the cozy. Every few stitches, pause and stretch out the fabric slightly so that the sewn edge isn’t too tight. Weave in ends. If you wish to block, wrap your Kindle in plastic wrap and/or seal it into a ziplock bag and insert it into the cozy to block it into shape.

Ta da!

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