Sunday, April 3, 2011


Finished my skarf today! It's so gorgey. I love the colors, love love love!!! And I love this yarn! It's the Claudia Handpaints Fingering. I would like it in every color. I decided today that I'm going to take my last paycheck before I leave for Israel and splurge on beautiful yarn. I'm going to be in Israel for at LEAST a year before I come back-- I need at least a year's worth of yarn!!! My stash is nice, but it's not nearly enough to last me. Then again, last year when I lived in Israel I barely knit ANYTHING because I was busy actually living my life... so maybe I won't use as much yarn this year... hm... Well, it's best to be prepared. It'll be a going-away present for myself, a little fortification, some soft pretty yummy cushioning for my transition to a new country. Yeah! Justifying yarn purchases is what I'm all about.

Here are piccies of my COLORSPLOSION SKARF:

Skarfy is so pretty! And the perfect spring accessory. It's light, and bright, and will match everything.

I hadn't been looking forward to binding off-- we are talking about 450 stitches here-- but other than trying to find the right needle size to do it with, it was fine. I had seen some Ravelers write that you had to be careful with the tension in the bound-off edge, or else it would be too tight, so going up needle sizes was the smart thing to do. I knit the scarf with size 6 needles, using my Knit Picks interchangeable circulars, so I simply replaced the 6's with 10's, but those were WAY too big-- I couldn't get the stitches past the join onto the needle. So I replaced them with 9's. I could wedge the stitches onto the needle, but when I started binding off, the edge was actually TOO stretchy-- it began to ripple. So I ripped back and started over with 8's and those worked great. The bound off edge is the perfect tension. I do have to block it, though, but you know me and blocking. Plus, my room is still a mess-- haven't unpacked from my vacation. My suitcase is still sitting in the middle of the floor, filled with clothes that I haven't hung up in my closet, so there's no room to block anything anyway. I really do get tired of living in a pigsty-- I do! But I can't seem to keep it neat. I spend a few hours straightening and putting away clothes-- I did this a few weeks ago-- and my room looks great for a few days. But the clothes accumulate, along with other random crap, and I can't seem to keep it all in order. I'm just a complete slob at heart.

Anyway, now I have only ONE WIP-- one!!! And no ideas about what to make next. It's kind of nice though-- not to have anything I MUST knit. No pressure, no time squeeze. I can relax.

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