Thursday, March 12, 2009

Sock and purse and scarf in action

Hello all!
Here is a picture of my new scarf in action:
It's very warm! Thick and cozy. Though, as I mentioned, the curling edges are unfixable and annoying.
This next thing doesn't look like much yet:
It will eventually be a purse. The windowpane pattern is from my new knitting book. (That's the black, white, gray and purple thing.) The checkered fabric will be the lining, and the long narrow strip at the top will be the strap of the bag. That thing is really annoying because it uses three different colors and the yarn keeps getting badly tangled. So I can't take it places and work on it on the go. And I have to make TWO of the straps which are 21 inches each and right now I only have one that's about 10 inches so I see myself not finishing that for quite a while.
This next thing is a sock for my mommy, pictured in several sages of completion:
I love the self-striping yarn! You never know what color's coming next. (Well, once you go through the pattern once you do.) It's exciting and pretty. I love making socks. They are easy to make and they look so professional. This picture shows the sock right after I've turned the heel, which is not the annoying part. The most annoying part is then picking up the stitches to connect the heel to the top of the foot part because it ends up being so obvious. But when you're actually wearing it, the change isn't too noticeable.
Stage two:
Almost done! About ready to start shaping the toe.
Stage three: All finished!
Toe is finished, ends are weaved in. Isn't the color pattern awesome? Now I just have to make the other sock. I started this sock earlier in the week, Sunday or Monday I think, and finished it today. So they really don't take long at all. Although making pairs of things is always a little annoying, socks aren't too bad.

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